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Why Choose a MoneyKey Installment Loan over Other Online Lenders:

Getting access to the cash you need is, in most cases, not the easiest task. There can be many difficulties that arise when planning to borrow funds. Banks may not approve your request or you might spend a great deal of time trying to negotiate an arrangement. With this in mind, MoneyKey has created an online platform that makes borrowing quick and convenient for customers. If you are considering taking an Installment Loan, complete a simple online application form on our website. Your application will be reviewed within minutes and once approved, your loan will be funded in as soon as 1 business day.

Our dedicated Customer Care Team is available to answer any questions regarding our products, processes or terms and conditions. We can help you to understand the borrowing and repayment process. You can reach our Customer Care Team by phone, chat or email.

MoneyKey is a state licensed lender committed to Responsible Lending and encourages all current and potential customers to use our products responsibly.

Find out what our Customers have to say about MoneyKey:

Superior service
"The attention to detail is outstanding. Very friendly and helpful."

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"I've used MoneyKey several times over the past 4 years. I found it easy to work with them."
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"MoneyKey is wonderful to work with! If I had a question it was always answered correctly and promptly."

Online Flex-Pay Installment Loans:

A Flex-Pay Installment Loan is a loan product repayable through a number of scheduled repayments set up to coincide with your pay dates.

The approved installment loan amount depends on certain qualification criteria. The first few payments consist of interest and fees only, subsequent payments will include principal payment, interest and fees. For the full rates and terms of this Flex-Pay Installment Loan, please visit the Rates and Terms page.

Does MoneyKey Offer a Flex-Pay Installment Loan?

MoneyKey – TX, Inc. is licensed as a Credit Access Business (CAB) by the Office of the Consumer Credit Commissioner and registered as a Credit Services Organization by the State of Texas.

As a CAB, MoneyKey attempts to arrange a Flex-Pay Installment Loan with an unaffiliated third-party lender in Texas, and is responsible for the ongoing servicing of any loan that is originated.

How to Apply for a Flex-Pay Installment Loan

MoneyKey-TX, Inc. is a CAB and is not the lender in the State of Texas. All loans are made by an unaffiliated third party lender.

  1. Apply online and find out if you qualify
  2. Review and sign your loan agreements
  3. If approved, funds can be received the following business day *

* The date and time that the funds are made available to you by your financial institution is subject to your banks processing time.

What Should You Know Before Applying for an Online Installment Loans?

To apply for an online Flex-Pay Installment Loan you must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Be a US citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Be a Texas resident
  • Have an active bank account
  • Have a regular source of income
  • Have a valid contact number and an active email address

When to Use a MoneyKey Flex-Pay Installment Loan

Flex-Pay Installment Loans differ from traditional payday loans because they are paid back to the lender in scheduled installments rather than in one lump sum due on your next pay date. This is useful for someone who needs cash quickly to cover an unexpected expense but cannot afford to pay back the entire loan in full on their next payday.

It's also important to know that Flex-Pay Installment Loans are meant for short-term use and are not meant to be a long-term financial solution or used to pay your reoccurring expenses. We encourage you to use this product responsibly.

How Do You Pay Back Your Flex-Pay Installment Loan?

Your Flex-Pay Installment Loan is paid back through a series of scheduled repayments set to align with your pay dates. The amounts of your payments may vary. The first few payments* will consist of only interest and fees, and subsequent installment loan payments will consist of fees, interest and a principal payment. For the full rates and terms of this Flex-Pay Installment Loan, please visit the Rates and Terms page.

You may pay off your Flex-Pay Installment Loan in full or make additional principal payments at any time without any prepayment penalties. Making additional principal payments may reduce the amount of interest and fees that you will pay on your loan.

If you would like to pay your Flex-Pay Installment Loan before a scheduled payment date, you can contact our Customer Care Team by phone, email or online chat.

* If you receive your income more than once per month, your first four (4) payments will consist of interest and fees only. If you receive your income once per month, your first two (2) payments will consist of interest and fees only. All subsequent payments will consist of interest, fees and a principal payment. Please visit the Rates and Terms Page for the complete repayment terms and schedule available in your state.

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