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6 DIY Garden and Landscaping Ideas on a Budget

Posted by MoneyKey on August 28, 2019
DIY garden ideas on a budget

If you’re looking to turn your back or front yard into a pretty, well-manicured part of your property, it’s likely going to take a lot more work than randomly planting a few shrubs and flowers in your yard. If you want to do it properly, you’ll need to plan things out carefully, do your research, and put in a lot of hard work. And if you’re living on a tight budget, you may not want to break the bank to spruce things up around the yard. But if you have a few well-researched DIY garden ideas up your sleeve, you may be able to get more pleasure out of these parts of your property, increase your home’s curb, and do all of this on a tight budget.

So, here are six DIY garden ideas to help you spruce up your yard on a budget.

1. Opt for an easy-maintenance ground cover

A beautiful, healthy front lawn is a lovely thing to see when you leave your home every day, but maintaining one isn’t cheap, especially if you live in a dry climate where you have a hard time keeping your grass healthy or your lawn free of weeds. Some people might handle an unhealthy lawn by having it re-sodded, but this can cost you thousands of dollars. According to Home Advisor, sod installation costs homeowners an average of $1,836 and can cost as much as $4500. And the cost of maintaining your lawn doesn’t stop there when you consider how much water it needs and the fact that it may need weed and fertilizer treatments.

easy-maintenance ground cover for a DIY garden

If you can’t afford the cost of maintaining grass, a an easy-maintenance ground cover can be a great, cost-effective DIY garden alternative. These are low-lying perennials that are great to cover your lawn with in order to fill up bare patches, fight off weeds, and prevent erosion. They also can add to your home’s curb appeal. There are different types of ground covers, but look for ones that will spread far on their own so you don’t need to plant as many. Creeping perennial ground covers may cost around $6 to $10 per plant, but remember that if you’re trying to save money on your DIY garden, it’s best to plant them about a foot apart from each other and give them time to grow, as opposed to planting them two inches apart for instant density.

You also don’t need to cover the entirety of your lawn. Try to stick to the areas of your yard that are more difficult to maintain, like shady areas, transitional areas, and side yards.

2. Mix your soil with compost

When you’re potting your garden plants or flowers, you may feel like you have to load up on pricey potting soil. You obviously want to be able to provide your plants with the necessary nutrients, but this doesn’t mean you have to only use soil you buy at the store. Cut back on soil costs by putting the organic scraps in your compost to use. Mix up some potting soil with equal parts compost to make a nutrient-rich mix for your plants. This is a great DIY garden tip that can help you give your plants the nutrients they need without spending as much on soil.

Even if your family doesn’t maintain a compost bin, you can still mix up coffee grounds with some of the dirt in your backyard to save some money. You can also add some mulch into the mixture, which is rich with nutrients and is typically a little less expensive than potting soil.

3. Start with the young version of a plant

Small plant for a DIY garden

When you’re looking through a garden center for things to help you with your DIY garden, your eye might be drawn to some of the more mature flowers and plants at the center because of their already developed visual appeal. It might be tempting to buy this fully-grown plant and stick it in your backyard, but it’ll cost you. Instead, look for the smaller version of the same plant to save some money. All you’ll have to do is give it some time to grow and eventually it may get to the same size as the larger one you saw in the store. The main difference: you’ll have paid much less for it.

4. Look for discounts at the end of the season

In a lot of retail industries, when the season for that particular thing starts to near its end, items start to go to clearance and prices are slashed to make some room for new merchandise. The garden and landscaping industry is no exception. If you’re patient, you may be able to find huge savings on plants and flowers. Look for discounted plants near the end of the summer to capitalize on these deals. Even if a plant doesn’t look like it’s at the peak of its health, if the stem is green and healthy, this plant might be salvageable as long as you plant it right away and give it enough water.

You’ll likely start to see price reductions as you get closer to the end of the summer, but if you wait until even deeper into the next season, these discounts might start to get even bigger.

5. Go with perennials

go with perennials for your DIY garden

Finding beautiful annual flowers is great, but the more you buy these types of garden plants, the more you’re going to be spending on your garden in the long run as these plants need to be replace every year. As an alternative, look to buy nice perennials that’ll come back every year to fill your garden.

While the upfront cost of a perennial might be a little higher than the cost of a flat of annual flowers, they’ll return to your garden every year, you won’t need to go out and replace them at the start of the gardening season.

6.Re-plant perennials

Speaking of perennials, these garden plants are a great way to continue to cover your garden. When you plant a perennial, there’s a good chance that it’ll keep growing bigger for the first few years after being planted. So, instead of purchasing new plants each year, you can uproot new sections of a plant that you had planted the year before and put it somewhere else in your yard. This means that you may be able to turn a $15 perennial into $60 worth of savings if you cover four new areas of your yard from that original plant.

Use these DIY garden ideas to spruce up your yard on a budget

While maintaining and improving your yard takes some work and doesn’t always come cheap, there are some simple DIY garden ideas that can help you keep your yard looking great without having to break the bank to do it.

And remember that improving the landscape surrounding your house can have more than one benefit. It’s a great way to increase curb appeal, but it’s also a great way to turn your yard into an area for you and your family to relax in. Try to add in elements that express your own personal taste and do your best to stay as frugal as possible!


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