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5 Ways to Inject Some Fun Into Your Budget Conscious Summer

Posted by MoneyKey on June 11, 2019
a budget conscious beach visit

For a lot of people, when the sun comes out and the summer months roll around, it’s time to kick back and relax. This might mean travelling to far-away countries, a trip to an all-inclusive resort, or any number of expensive summer trips. But if you’re living paycheck to paycheck, there’s a good chance that a pricey summer vacation just isn’t in the budget. It might be best to use the extra money you make to pay off your online loans, start an emergency fund, or start to lower student loan payments. But this doesn’t mean you have to have a budget conscious summer without any fun!

Even if you’re a college student with a full-time summer job or you’re just trying to find ways to save money on a tight budget, there are plenty of ways to have fun this summer without breaking the bank. Here are five ways to help you do that.

1. Make an afternoon out of a sporting event

Spending an afternoon or evening at sporting event is a great way to have some summer fun, particularly if you’re headed to an outdoor event like a baseball or soccer game. Plan an outing with your family or friends and turn this into an afternoon of budget conscious fun! You might even find that it’s not as pricey as you initially thought.

a budget conscious day at a baseball game

For example, let’s take a look at baseball. Not everyone lives in a major city with an MLB team, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take in a live game of professional baseball. Because of how extensive the minor league baseball system is, there are plenty of areas throughout the U.S. that have minor league teams, and these games will only cost you a small fraction of what you’d pay to see most Major League teams. If you plan ahead, you may even be able to score tickets at a promotional price.

If you do live near a Major League team, you still might be able to buy tickets that aren’t out of your price range. For example, tickets for a Tampa Bay Rays game typically start at around $15 each, and you may be able to find cheaper options depending on who’s in town. If you’re bringing kids, they’ll sometimes have $2 Kids Tickets days for fans that are 14 and under. Some teams will even let you bring your own food into the stadium, so make sure to skip the concession lines and stadium prices if you’re looking to have a budget conscious day at the field.

2. Spend a budget conscious day in nature

When it’s a beautiful day out and you’re looking to have some budget conscious fun in the sun, there’s nothing stopping you from heading outside to enjoy the great outdoors. Do some research into what your area has to offer and take a trip to explore one of these areas. These could be places like the forest, a beach, a desert, or even a swamp. They’ll all offer interesting and unique looks at nature and give you an opportunity to have some fun exploring nature.

a budget conscious hiker

Some of these places may even have visiting centers that will help guide you through your time there. They could have some sort of summer programming for you to do or can help give you guidance if you’re looking to do some biking, camping, fishing, or other outdoor activities in the area.

Whatever type of area you end up visiting, take some time to learn about the environment. What animals live there? What plants grow there? Learn about these things ahead of time and turn your trip into nature into a fun scavenger hunt!

3. Get to know your community better

When you’ve been living in the same town or city for a while, there may be plenty of fun things to do right under your nose that you never knew about. Put your tourist hat on and look for any tourism groups or historical societies that offer free walking tours of the area. You might be surprised at the things you learn about your city. As a bonus, these groups will sometimes get you access to historical buildings, museums, and zoos for a discounted price.

You can also check online to see if any local parks are offering any free or cheap, budget conscious summer activities. You might stumble upon a fun festival or fair you never knew about!

4. Take a staycation

As nice as it would be to go on a getaway to some remote country, when the cost of plane tickets and travel accommodations are factored in, you’re rarely looking at a budget conscious trip. But if you’re looking to enjoy a relaxing vacation, you don’t necessarily need to get out of town to do it!

people on a budget conscious staycation

Like we mentioned earlier, sometimes it’s best to think like a tourist and explore some of the activities that they normally would when they’re visiting your neck of the woods. This might involve taking advantage of the surrounding nature or visiting the historical landmarks that you don’t normally visit.

If you have the flexibility in in your budget, you might even want to look for a hotel to stay at. This can give you a little break from your usual household obligations and add to the vacation feeling you’re looking for. And best of all, you don’t have to worry about the cost of plane tickets and a lot of the other usual travel expenses.

5. Road trip

A staycation can be a great way of simulating a budget conscious vacation, but sometimes it may not be enough to satisfy your thirst for travel. If you’ve been bitten by the travel bug and don’t want to pay for pricey airfare, getting in the car and hitting the open road might be the next best thing. But this can be easier said than done, as a road trips can get expensive if you don’t plan things out properly. If you want to go on a budget conscious road trip, make sure you:

  • Create a thorough road trip budget
  • Plan your route
  • Calculate the cost of gas
  • Pack wisely

Inject some fun into your budget conscious summer

For a lot of people, summer can be an opportunity to relax and enjoy the nice weather you’ve patiently (or impatiently) been waiting for all year. But if you’re looking for ways to save on tight budget, you may feel like your opportunities for fun are limited. This doesn’t have to be the case! If you do some research into what activities are offered in your area, explore the surrounding nature, and look for opportunities to score deals on fun summer activities, you can have a budget conscious summer filled with fun!

Do you have any tips to have a fun, budget conscious summer that we haven’t listed? Share below!


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