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How to Declutter Your Kitchen in 5 Steps

Posted by MoneyKey on July 27, 2019
how to declutter your kitchen

For a lot of people, much of their time at home is spent in the kitchen. It’s where you cook your meals, where the kids do their homework, where you eat, and where the family congregates to talk about their days. In a lot of ways, it’s the beating pulse of the household.

Because of how much time a lot of families spend in the kitchen, it can often end up being one of the more cluttered rooms in your home. This clutter can affect you in more ways than you might think. It can create a breeding ground for germs, it can disincentivize you to cook, and encourage you to spend more money on food than you need to.

With this in mind, we’re going to take a look at how a cluttered kitchen can affect you, how organizing your space can save you money, and how to declutter your kitchen.

The effects of a cluttered kitchen

There are few different reasons why you’d want to learn how to declutter your kitchen, and how a disorganized kitchen can affect you negatively:

  • Excessive snacking. Having a messy and disorganized kitchen may cause you to consume twice as many calories a day as those with a well-organized kitchen, according to a 2016 study published by Environment and Behavior. If your environment leads you to feel messy and disorganized, you may feel more inclined to eat more, particularly junk food, than people who feel in control.
  • Increased Stress. According to a UCLA study, mothers with cluttered homes showed signs of chronic stress, were more tired in the evenings, and displayed a more depressed mood throughout their day.
  • Decreased productivity. A Princeton study found that when you’re in a cluttered environment, the different objects in that space compete for your attention which can lead to poor focus. This clutter can be distracting and may decrease your productivity.

Decluttering can save you money

Another reason you might want to learn how to declutter your kitchen is because it can save you money.

As we mentioned earlier, a messy kitchen can lead to more snacking, especially with junk food. If you can find ways to eat healthy, you may have fewer medical expenses down the line which can save you a lot of money in the long run. You may also find that your mood is better, you sleep better, and your energy is increased.

learn how to declutter your kitchen to save money

You might also find that the more cluttered your kitchen is, the more likely you are to waste money on things you don’t need. If you can’t find a particular appliance that you’re looking for, you may end up replacing it when it’s really just hidden away at the bottom of a drawer.

Having a clean and well-organized kitchen also might be just what you need to start cooking at home more often. The more you cook at home, the less you may end up spending money on eating out. If you’re looking to start home cooking more often, these four inexpensive foods can help to serve as the backbone of your healthy, home-cooked meals.

Now that we’ve looked at why you’d want to learn how to declutter your kitchen, let’s look at some steps you can take to do just that.

Step 1: Work in small increments of time

If you’re kitchen is particularly messy and you don’t have a huge block of free time to clean it all at once, the process of organizing your kitchen will probably have to be done in more than one sitting. Doing it in shorter increments may also help you maintain a high level of energy which can start to drop if you spend all day organizing your kitchen.

Before you start, get a few boxes together and assign them to hold different types of items. Have one box for donation items, one for items you want to sell, and one for items you want to relocate. You’ll also want a few recycling and garbage bags for things that you need to throw out.

Pick a reasonable amount of time you want to work for – maybe thirty minutes – and really make an effort to not get distracted during that time. You could go at if for longer, but if your kitchen is a real mess and you feel like you’ll get overwhelmed, start small.

Step 2: Declutter your kitchen systematically

learn how to declutter your kitchen systematically

Instead of diving into this process head first, plan to go through your kitchen systematically. Focus on one area at a time and be thorough so you don’t have to return to it. If you pick an item up and feel like that’s the best place for it, leave it. Otherwise, sort it into the appropriate box.

Step 3: Evaluate each item properly

For each item you pick up, you’re going to want to ask yourself a series of questions:

  • Do I currently have a use for this item? The key here is to make the distinction between this question and “do I hope to use this item someday?” You might have a bunch of appliances lying around that you like the idea of using, but never actually use. At this point, they’re just taking up space, so give them to someone who will use them.
  • Do I have more than one of this item? If you have multiple versions of the same item and have no real use for the extra, donate what you don’t use.
  • Is this something I’d buy today? Our tastes change over time. If this isn’t an item you’d buy today, then donate it.

Step 4: Remove the non-kitchen related clutter

A key to understanding how to declutter your kitchen is to realize that a lot of the clutter in this part of your home might not belong there in the first place. School supplies are left in kitchen drawers, people leave things on countertops, and next thing you know, your kitchen is full of random items.

Move everything that shouldn’t be in your kitchen into a box and put these items in their proper place once you’re finished decluttering your kitchen.

Step 5: Put systems in place to keep things organized

put systems in place to declutter your kitchen

If you want to keep your kitchen clean once you’re finished with the decluttering process, you’re going to have to put some systems in place to keep it that way.

What activities go on in your kitchen? You make food and eat there, but likely isn’t it. Maybe homework gets done at the kitchen table, or maybe that’s where you pay the bills. You’ll need to find ways to accommodate these tasks.

For example, if this is where your kids do homework, assign them a specific space for all their work-related materials. Whatever these tasks are, do what you can to make room for them.

Learn how to declutter your kitchen

It’s normal for a lot of families to spend a lot of their time in the kitchen. Whether its cooking, eating, homework, or just general conversation, this area of the house is often a hub of activity. Even if you manage to keep the rest of your home relatively organized, because of how busy your kitchen is, the task of keeping it clean can be a lot of work. That’s why it’s so important to understand how to declutter your kitchen.

If you go through the steps we’ve listed, you may be able to avoid some of the negative effects of a cluttered kitchen while avoiding waste and saving money! So, what are you waiting for?


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