20 Travel Hacks to reach payday

Travelling can be the best of times or the worst of times. Being prepared and making little switches here and there can ease travel stress dramatically. If you haven’t booked your trip yet, try these easy ways to save on travel; if you are booked and ready to go try these 20 travel hacks to make your trip the best of times.

Packing Hacks

  • Roll your clothes to save space and reduce wrinkles
  • Wrap shoes in dollar store shower caps to keep the dirty soles away from clean clothes
  • To keep a dress shirt crisp, roll up a belt in the collar
  • Use shoes as extra storage; fill them with socks, underwear, bathing suits
  • Save space by wearing your heaviest shoes and coat on the plane
  • Place all liquids together is a water tight container or large zip lock bag. This way if something leaks nothing will get ruined
  • Keep your suitcase smelling fresh and reduce static by adding in a couple dryer sheets
  • Carry on essentials – always bring enough underwear to last for at least half of the trip (a bathing suit as well if it’s a tropical destination).

Airport Hacks

  • Take empty water bottles with you to the airport. Being empty they will pass through security and once in departures you can fill up it up at a water fountain for free and save on the airport’s heavily marked up bottled water. Bonus, save this bottle and fill it up at the hotel gym.  
  • Drink enough water and thoroughly moisturize before long flights filled with dry recycled air. Your face will thank you!
  • Bring a large scarf on the plane, it can double as a blanket and airplane pillow cover
  • If you’re tight on budget but not time, offer to be bumped. Just make sure to negotiate for cash or flight vouchers before accepting. Also look at the vouchers and read them carefully as some can have too many stipulations and blackout dates

Hotel Hacks

  • If you forget your wall plug, don’t panic, use the USB slot in the hotel TV to charge your phone
  • Always save hotel provided shampoo and conditioner bottles; they make great TSA approved carry on containers for cosmetics and lotions
  • If your hotel has a room that requires a key card to activate the climate control, a business card can double in its place and can keep your room at a stable temperature when you’re away
  • Unless this is an all-inclusive vacation, food is going to eat up a lot of your budget so snack smart and stock up on groceries upon your arrival
  • Always befriend the hotel staff and ask for insider advice

 Travel Hacks

  • Google map and take screenshots of the area around your hotel before leaving your hotel lobby. That way you can still access a map even without WIFI
  • Get the discounts the locals get and sign up for discount websites for that area before you go away
  • Jet lag, dreaded jet lag. To avoid it takes some preparation. A week before your trip slowly start to shift your bedtime, and meals, closer to the time of your destination. This means shift ahead 1-2 hours if travelling east and 1-2 hours later if going west

Travelling and vacations are meant to be full of fun and relaxation. Use these travel hacks to be better prepared for whatever your trip throws your way.



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