5 Money-Making Apps

If you’re looking for additional ways to make money outside of your regular job, consider turning to your smartphone. Nowadays, there are a lot of ways to find profitable side jobs to earn extra money through apps and websites – all in just a couple swipes on your smartphone.

To put it into perspective, the mobile market has grown substantially in the last decade. In 2017, mobile traffic accounted for roughly 63% of total website traffic in the U.S.; in fact, worldwide mobile app revenue is projected to reach close to $200 billion by 2020 according to Business of Apps.

So, without further ado, we’ve put together a list of some quality apps that you can install on your smartphone that may help you earn some extra cash.


If you’re not using your car at work, at home or while traveling, you might as well rent it out – here’s where Turo comes in. Turo is an app where you can rent out your own car. Turo estimates that by listing your car through their app, the average owner can make an additional $600 a month. However, keep in mind your earnings will depend on how often you make your car available for rent. If you’re worried about potential accidents, don’t worry – Turo provides its users with $1 million liability insurance plus 24/7 roadside assistance.


If you’re out and about, Gigwalk is an app that allows you to complete simple tasks in exchange for compensation. While you’re at a store, just open the Gigwalk app and check whether there are any tasks there that you want to complete. For example, a task can include taking photos of how products look in stores or checking the location or price of a product. Payouts can range between $3 and $100 per task, and if you complete enough tasks you can make some extra money while shopping or running errands.


If you want to take a stab at investing for the first time, Acorns is a good place to start. The app helps people who use their phone to pay for purchases to set aside small amounts of money to be used for investment. How does this work, you ask? Let’s say you spend $6.35 on an item, the app rounds up to the nearest dollar to $7.00 and invests the extra $0.65 into a diversified portfolio.


If someone is missing out on a killer Nike pop-up shop in New York because they live in Miami, Taskrabbit will pay you to help that person out! You can run small jobs at an hourly rate. For example, you could wait in line for a pair of shoes, buy them, and then ship them to the person who assigned you the task.


If you’re not familiar with Uber yet, it’s an app that lets you drive people in your car for money. Pro tip: carry gum and water bottles for your passengers to ensure that 5-star rating!

The suggestions mentioned above can work, but might not be for everyone. If you find that one of these apps appeal to you, try it out and let us know how it goes!

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