8 Inexpensive Winter Activities

Winter is far from over, here are some activities to keep you busy until spring has sprung.

Outdoor Activities: When it’s nicer outside than it is inside.

Ice skating
You don’t have to be a professional skater to go out and enjoy the ice! Head to your local rink and rent some skates if you don’t have your own. It’s good a time and a great workout. Don’t forget; falling is a part of the fun.

Snow activities
Build a snowman or a fort, make a snow angel, go sledding, or start a snowball fight! There’s tons of fun to be had once there’s an inch or more of snow on the ground.

Winter picnic
Picnics aren’t only for the summer. Fill a thermos or two with hot chocolate and/or soup and bring some finger foods. If you’re out with the kids and the best sledding hills aren’t close to home, you won’t have to cut the excitement short for lunch.

Photography walk
There’s no denying that there is something beautiful about winter, so why not capture it? On a day when the sun is out, head to an area with a great landscape or your nearest trail and snap some photos. Use them later in a collage or for a scrapbook.

Indoor Activities: For when it’s too cold to step foot outside.

Without a doubt, the cheapest thing you can do indoors is to curl up on the couch and watch movies. Going through old DVD’s and Blu-Ray’s can be fun, or, if you’re one of many using a subscription service like Netflix, you can spend some time browsing to curate your ‘to-be-watched’ list.

Baking can be as extravagant or as simple as you’d like. If you’re trying to keep it low-key and delicious, sugar cookies are the way to go, with only 7 ingredients (sugar, salt, butter, flour, eggs, vanilla extract and baking powder). Your family and friends can enjoy them as well.

Failed to declutter your home after the holidays? It’s never too late! Get everyone in the household involved. Depending on how much stuff you have and are willing to let go, you might be able to donate a great deal to help those in need.

Arts & Crafts
Think of something you want/need and find a way to DIY it. Just browse around on the internet and you will realize that just about anything can become an arts and crafts project. If you don’t believe us, we recommend checking out @diplycrafty on Instagram.

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