Back to School Cash Saving Tips

School is rolling in again and it’s time to get ready. That means finding the right prices for all the necessary books, utensils and supplies for your upcoming semester. Don’t stress! We’ve taken some time to help you get ready by finding some interesting ways to save cash for this upcoming school year.

Search Your Home

Check your closets, drawers, and cabinets. A lot of the things on your list may actually already be in your house! Oftentimes, simple items can be found lying around from previous trips to the store. Always look at home before you venture out.

Dollar Store

A lot of people may not know this, but the dollar store can be a one stop shop for some of the simpler items on your list. Things such as paper, pencils and binders can be easily located at your nearest dollar store and, since the price is good, why not grab extra?

Social Media

Do you use Facebook or Twitter? These can be handy tools when it comes to back to school shopping. There are a number of shops that advertise their sales online (especially during the back to school seasons). Follow some of your favorite spots to shop online and save big.

Shop Online

You’d be surprised at the amount of options there are when shopping online! There are greater discounts and a wider range of items to choose from. Just make sure that you buy your items with enough time for them to be shipped before the schoolyear starts and you’ll be rolling in the savings.

Pro Tip: Keep track of online and offline coupons before going online or to a store.

More is Less

Purchasing items in bulk (especially for larger families) may be the best option for you. With some online and even brick and mortar locations offering a discount for the amount of supplies you purchase. Don’t be afraid to go big and go home…with a bundle of savings.

There are many different ways to save for the upcoming school year. Use these tips to help you budget and save. If you have a moment, please share some of the ways that you find deals for your school supplies.

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