Budget New Year’s Eve: Celebrate without the Expense 

New Year’s Eve is all about celebration. Celebrating all the positives that have happened this year and looking forward to all the opportunities next year may present. However, it can also be incredibly expensive as costs for certain events and restaurants skyrocket. Don’t blow all of your money before 2016 starts, instead try one of our fun budget New Year’s Eve ideas:

Order In

This is the easiest way to save. Restaurants charge a premium on New Year’s Eve so skip dinner out and order in to save. Make sure to place your order early in the afternoon as phone lines and delivery services tend to get very busy once the dinner hour rolls around.

If you still want to go out to eat for New Year’s, your best bet is to find a restaurant with a pre-fixe menu so won’t end up with an expensive surprise bill. Always remember alcohol/drinks are not usually included so you’ll need to budget for those as well. Also, make sure plan a way home in advance so you’re not stranded or forced to pay more than anticipated for a taxi.

Host a Potluck

If you want to go to a New Year’s party why not host one yourself? This will cut down on entrance fees, drink prices and commuting costs. To lessen your host/hostess duties, make it a potluck and encourage everyone to bring a dish.

To further save on costs serve champagne sangria for a New Year’s toast instead of straight champagne. Also, make sure to provide a non-alcoholic version for drivers and anyone underage; to do this simply swap out champagne for ginger ale in the recipe above.


Buy sparklers and decorations either three weeks ahead of time or for extra savings buy sale items in the New Year and store them.

Play Themed Games

Host a round of New Year’s themed Clue. Have everyone at the party right down their predictions or goals for the New Year and place them into a box. During the evening have everyone gather around and take turns reading a prediction out loud then have your guests guess who is the author.

Celebrating New Years on a budget doesn’t have to be boring! Try one of our easy budget New Year’s ideas.


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