DIY Halloween Costumes

While Halloween is a fun holiday, you can easily find that you’ve blown your budget on name brand candy and fancy store bought costumes. Having an amazing costume doesn’t need to involve a costume store. We’ve compiled a list of ten unique, fun and easy DIY Halloween Costumes.

Pig in a Blanket

All your need is a nice warm blank and a costume pig snout. You can buy your snout at the dollar store or make it with a toilet paper role, pink paint, pink construction paper, glue, and black marker. This costume is a great for keeping young children warm when they’re out trick or treating.

Freudian Slip

This is a perfect party costume. All you need is a slip and a black marker. Write Freudian terms like “ID” and “Ego” on the slip and you’re good to go.

Cat Burglar

A great costume for children and adults alike. Dress in all black, add some cat ears, a black mask and a bag with a “$”.

Spelling Bee

Re-use a bee costume by covering in various spelling flashcards.

Raining Cats and Dogs

If you have no budget this is the way to go. Dress in a rain jacket and boots. Add some stuffed animals (cats and dogs) to an umbrella and you’re ready for a Halloween night out.

“Cereal” Killer

Another easy to make, play on words costume. Get in the funny and spooky Halloween spirit by gluing cereal boxes to a shirt and carrying a toy knife.


During Halloween, being called two-faced is a compliment. If already you have face paint this is a simple costume to execute. Create a skeleton face, but only complete on one side leaving your normal appearance on the other.

Iron chef

Another costume you can reuse is a chef costume. Just carry an iron (or create iron stains on your costume) and viola you’re now an iron chef.

Ceiling Fan

Just draw, stencil or iron the words “Go Ceiling!” onto a shirt and you’re the perfect ceiling fan.

Identity Theft

For the people among us that don’t enjoy a lot of DIY work, just add “Hello, my name is stickers” your clothes. You can often find these stickers at a local office supply or dollar store.

Whether it’s for trick or treating or an adult costume party, wearing one of these costumes will let you stand out without having to spend a fortune.

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