Easy Tips to Save Money on Travelling

Travelling on limited budget may seem difficult, if not impossible, but planning ahead and knowing where the deals are can make a limited budget stretch into a dream vacation. Here are easy ways to save on travel costs.

Research on the Web

Research, research, research! If you have a certain destination in mind, the internet is often the best way to save money, just make sure you are looking on legitimate websites. Well known discount travel sites will often offer bigger discounts if you bundle your accommodation and travel together. This can offer significant money savings. Change your internet browser settings to private so the travel companies’ cannot track your cookies and bump up the price next time you visit their site.

 Best Days to Book Trips

When booking, travel time matters. For the biggest saving, book early (6 months before). The best day to save money on airline ticket purchases is Tuesday. Many travel sites also have one hour flash sales and other special promotions on their social pages media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) so follow them as well as subscribe to their emails.

Best Times to Travel

When booking the actual days you will be travelling, it is best to avoid Fridays and Sundays as they are most expensive; Wednesdays are the least expensive. Travelling on a Wednesday, when the airports are less busy increases your odds of getting bumped to first class and receiving extra perks. Also, try to travel during off peak times. This means avoiding holiday travel (Christmas and Thanksgiving) and if you have the luxury to travel out of the country do so during low tourist season (varies by country). Not only will you save money, but the museums, attractions and/or beaches you want to visit will be less crowded.

Pick your Accommodations Wisely

A huge percentage of a traveller’s budget gets used on accommodations. Hotels are expensive. Make the most of your hotel room by filling it with the maximum number of occupants allowed. The more people in one room the more money you will save per person. There are also less expensive hotel alternatives such as Bed & Breakfasts or home rental websites (Airbnb). Never overlook networking, ask around and message your friends and family, they might know someone who will let you stay for free.

Easiest Way to Save Money

The easiest way to save money is staycations. Use your vacation time to tour the free sites of your own city or plan a theme night at your house. Who says you need to spend money to have a memorable vacation.

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