Eight Low Cost Summer Activities

With kids out of school, warmer weather and extra hours of sunshine, now is perfect time to get out and enjoy summer. Planning fun activities can be time consuming and expensive so we’ve compiled a list of fun, day and night, activities that are light on your wallet.

Day Time Activities


Eating al fresco is a great way to make the most of the summer weather. Bringing our own food, versus eating at a restaurant, will save money. Here are some tips to further cut the costs of a family picnic.


Check out hiking trails around your area. A free adventure can be just a short drive away. Always make sure to bring water and closely follow the safety instructions outlined by the park.

Simplified Lawn bowling

Lawn bowling is easy to set-up and almost any age can play. There are rules, but the basic object of the game is to roll your ball closest to the designated marker. All you need is green space (backyard or park), a golf ball (to use the marker) and some tennis balls. Bring a marker to mark the tennis balls so you’ll know whose is whose.

Build and Fly a Kite

This can be a two-part fun activity to do with kids. First design and build your own custom kite then take it to a park, or beach, and let it fly. There are many affordable and easy kite building kits available online. Also check the dollar store.

Night Time Activities

Camping in the Backyard

Save on transportation and campsite fees by camping in the backyard. You, or your kids, will still get the “camping” experience, but with much less hassle and expense.


Scary stories, s’mores, what’s not to love about a bonfire. It is an inexpensive family-friendly night time activity. Just make sure to have a bonfire in a legally designated area and use a fire pit for safety.


Drive out to the country, or away from city lights, and watch the stars. If you have a telescope even better. Print out all the constellations and make it a game to find them all in the night’s sky.

Movie night in the park

By the time you add ticket costs and snacks, going to the movies can be a very expensive family outing, but seeing a movie doesn’t have to cost a lot. In the summer, many communities host free ‘Movie Nights in the Park’. This is a great way to get the big screen experience and you’ll only have to cover the cost of transportation.

Make the most of summer and fill your days, and nights, with these fun low cost activities.

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