Memorial Day Party Ideas

Memorial Day is a Federal holiday to honor all the men and women of the armed forces, but for a lot of Americans it is also signifies the start of summer. If you’re not going a long-weekend vacation, this is a great time to host an all-American themed party. There are lots of aspects that go into party planning, it can be time consuming and expensive, but there are easy ways to have an awesome Memorial Day celebration on a budget. Save money by following these tips.


There are lots of free red, white and blue themed invitation templates available on the web for both print invitations and evites. Sending invites through email saves on printing costs and makes it easier by auto-managing your RSVP list.


It is easy to blow your budget trying to decorate your party space, but remember a little can go a long way. The dollar store is a great place to go for all your party needs.

  • Wrap tree trunks in red, white and blue streamers
  • Fill plastic containers with red white and blue candies (also doubles as dessert)
  • Make it themed and functional by having white paper plates, red plastic cups and blue napkins
  • Any leftover decorations can get re-used on Independence Day


Pasta salad, burgers, fried chicken, coleslaw, potato salad and hot dogs are traditional American style food that are not extremely expensive. If you do want to ‘wow’ your guests with something gourmet, without spending a lot, use that gourmet dish as an appetizer or side and use less expensive foods as the main course.

Dessert Ideas

  • Red, white and blue rocket popsicles
  • Red, white and blue frosted cupcakes
  • Patriotic berry trifle
  • Have a do-it-yourself ice cream bar with vanilla ice cream and red/blue sprinkles


Continue the Memorial Day theme with fun games and crafts for the kids. Have an American themed volleyball/beach ball game or red, white and blue themed lawn bowling. For the less sporty children, set up arts and crafts. Holiday themed lanterns that just require construction paper, glue and scissors or for the more advanced, American Paper Wind Streamers.


Get people in the party mood with Americana themed song like: Born in the USA, America the Beautiful and Amazing Grace.  You can also stream a 17 song Americana themed playlist from Mashable.

There are lots easy ways to host an all-out Memorial Day Party without going all-out on the budget.

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