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Thanksgiving is almost here! Everyone is looking forward to it and not just for the food, but for the time that you will be able to spend with the people you love. Though the holiday season can be a breath of fresh air, sometimes it comes with the stress of having the right amount of money for that special occasion. Whether it’s gifts or, in this case, having the perfect dinner prepared for your guests, we have some ideas that will help you to save on your Thanksgiving shopping in order to stay on budget.


Couponing is a great way to save as you prepare for your Thanksgiving celebrations. Avoid overspending by refining your shopping list and setting some time aside to clip coupons or search through your favorite shopping apps for coupons and deals. Depending on the promotions in your area you might even be able to get yourself a free turkey!

DIY Decorations

Decorations may not be the biggest part of Thanksgiving, but most people will want to spruce their home up for family. On top of food, this can be seen as an additional weight on your financial load. Though it may be time-consuming, making some simple decorations like a wreath or decorated cards to hand out over dinner can be a great way to save and make your space more festive.


Having your family and friends cook their best dishes and bring them to the feast can get everyone into the spirit of Thanksgiving. Everyone will have a chance to showcase their culinary skills and also enjoy a great meal.


The savings don’t stop when your family’s stomachs are full this Thanksgiving. More than likely, after that huge dinner, there will be leftovers for a few days. Pack lunches for the coming weeks instead of eating out and you will save a bundle as the days go by.

Thanksgiving is a time of giving, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make cost conscious decisions to stretch your dollar without sacrificing quality. These tips will help you to impress your guests and have a little left over for the upcoming Holiday season.

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