Thoughtful Holiday DIY Gifts

With the holiday season underway and it can be hard to give everyone you care about a special gift on a shoestring budget. If your budget is low then it’s time to dial up the creativity and try one of these 10 thoughtful holiday DIY gifts. While they may be DIY they are still sure to impress.

Autumn Leaf Bowl

This bowl is made entirely from decor store leaves! You only have to buy leaves, special glue, a foam brush and a balloon and it can turn into a fall themed bowl. Find the full instructions here.

Chalkboard serving platter

Another great gift for hosts and hostesses is a custom chalkboard serving platter. Find an old serving platter and dress it up by painting the bottom serving area with chalkboard paint. Include some chalk and they’ll have a serving platter they can draw custom designs for the appetizers they serve.


Design a natural plant habitat inside a glass bowl or vase for the friend with a green thumb or an apartment dweller. You’ll need a glass bowl or vase, rocks, soil, succulents and some creativity to design your terrarium or watch this quick how to video.

Knit Holiday Scarfs

A gift that only requires wool, knitting needles and patience.

Tie Dye Pillows

This is a great craft to do with your children then give to extended family members as gifts. You can create custom design pillows in a holiday theme or to match the person’s home decor. You’ll need relative few items and in the end you’ll have one of a kind designer throw pillow. Follow these instructions for chic DIY pillows.

 Mini Snow Globes

Create your own custom snow globe using a mason jar (baby food jars also work well), water, glitter and a holiday ornament. Fill the jar (almost to the top) with water, add glitter and set aside. Glue your holiday ornament, like reindeer or trees, to the inside of the lid. Let dry then submerge into the glitter water and screw the cap on tight.

Gold Honey Bear Planters

Who knew washing out old plastic honey containers and spray painting them gold could make such a fun holiday planter. Follow these instructions then add some poinsettia leaves and it’s a perfect gift or decor piece for a child’s room. The great thing is one poinsettia plant can turn into half a dozen honey bear planters.

Brownies in a Jar

Send love ones who live far away a taste of home with brownies in a jar. Layer all your dry brownie ingredients in the jar then create a tag with cooking instructions and the extra wet ingredients (canola oil and eggs) they’ll need to buy.

Custom Sharpie Mugs

This simple way to design a custom mug only involves a white mug, Sharpie Paint pens (not the original kind) and an oven. Draw and doodle your perfect design, let it dry, then make sure to remove all sticks otherwise they will burn when in the oven. Once dry, place in a cold oven then turn it to 400 degrees, leaving it to bake for 30 mins. Do not preheat first as this could cause the mug to crack. After 30 mins of cooking, leave the mugs inside, and turn off the oven. Once the oven has completely cooled remove the mug and voila a custom designed mug!

Holiday Handmade Coasters

For anyone who doesn’t really like DIY this is for you. For $16 you can get custom printed coasters of friends, family or holiday photos.

Try one or all ten of these DIY holiday gifts and give everyone on your list something special and heartfelt.

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