Thoughtful Thanksgiving Trivia

To help get you in the Thanksgiving spirit, here are five fun facts about Thanksgiving:

  1. Thanksgiving was declared a holiday in 1863 by President Lincoln.
  2. Americans will consume (on average) 46 million turkeys.
  3. The TV dinner was actually created from a Thanksgiving mishap. In 1953, the Swanson company overestimated the amount of turkey that would be consumed and were left with 260 tons! One of their salesman, Gerry Thomas, then created the idea of packaged TV Dinners.
  4. The Macy’s Day parade started on November 27, 1924 but was originally meant to be a Christmas themed parade.
  5. Thanksgiving isn’t only celebrated in America, Canadians also celebrate, but their Thanksgiving is in October.

MoneyKey wants to wish all of our customers a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

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