Top 10 Inexpensive Winter Activities

Don’t hibernate this winter, get out and get active! Enjoying the winter season doesn’t mean spending hundreds of dollars for ski lesson or winter getaways. There are lots of inexpensive winter activities that are fun for all ages.

Ice Skating

Look around your area for local ice skating rinks. There are usually free skate times so this activity will only cost the price of rental skates.


This activity just needs snow, a hill and a sled. It can entertain your children for hours and it’s free! If you don’t own a sled, ask to borrow a friend’s or neighbor’s.

Snowball Fight

This classic winter activity can be as simple as a few quick snowball tosses or take it to the next level and have a neighborhood capture the flag snowball fight.

Snow Angel

Make snow angels.

Build a Snowman

Gather two buttons (for eyes), a carrot (for the nose), a scarf, and build your own frosty the snowman.

Snowman Craft

Choose one of these easy and inexpensive snowman crafts. Perfect for days that are just too cold to be outside.

Snowflake Cut-outs

This simple craft only requires white paper and scissors. Fold up the paper, make a few snips, and unfold your unique snowflake design.

Gingerbread House

Make your own gingerbread from scratch or buy a full gingerbread kit for only $10.

Holiday Cookies

Bake your favorite holiday cookies and share them with friends and family. Custom decorate tins, from the dollar store, and give these cookies as inexpensive gifts to your children’s teacher.

Donate or Volunteer

The holiday season is a time for being thankful and giving to others. Help spread holiday joy in your community by donating food or toys to a local charity. If your budget is too tight to donate material goods, donate your time by volunteering at a local shelter.

Try out these ten inexpensive winter activities and tell us which one was your favorite.

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