Winter Activities on a Budget

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When the days start getting shorter and the weather turns cooler it is far too easy to make excuses and watch TV, especially if you are on a tight budget. We came up with a few winter activities that will get you moving again.


Stuck indoors? Why not spruce up your home a little? Winter is a great time to refresh your home, this is a must before you start inviting everyone over for holiday parties. Here are a few ideas that will give your home a face lift:

  • Patch the dents out of your walls and paint over them (or maybe cover them up with a nice painting)
  • Clean and repaint your doors, trim, window, and door frames
  • Wash the inside of your windows
  • Build that shelving unit you’ve always needed


Baking your own meals and desserts is a great way to save money and fill your home up with delicious aromas. Bake your breads, cakes and other goodies and freeze them for later, and defrost them in the microwave when some unexpected guests arrive!

View the lights

Fill up a thermos with hot chocolate, go for a drive and take a look at all the holiday lights and decorations. Take some pictures and share them with your friends on social media and see which of you can find the most “over-the-top” house!

Are you looking for some more winter ideas? Take a look at these.

What winter activities would you like to do? Share them with us in the comment section below!

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