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4 Consignment Stores to Sell Used Clothes Online

Posted by MoneyKey on May 27, 2019
a consignment store

When you’re looking to update your wardrobe without breaking the bank, turning to a thrift store or a consignment store is a good place to start looking. Maybe you’re looking for clothes to start building your professional wardrobe, or maybe you’re just trying replace a few worn out staples. Either way, consignment shops are a good bet to find what you need.

But they’re not just a great place to find clothes at a discounted price. If money is tight and you’re looking for ways to find a little extra cash, selling your unused clothes is a great way to do this. If you cash in on these items without having to go from store to store trying to get the best price, there are some great online consignment stores that will help you sell used clothes online.

Here are four of our favorites.


The goal of this consignment store is to make it possible for the average person to shop for clothes. Some consignment shops specialize in high-end brands, but at ThredUp you’ll be able to find the kind of clothing that you can comfortably wear every day. This means you’ll be able to find brands like Old Navy, Lululemon, the Gap, and much more. While the site does have a luxury section if you’re looking for something a little more upscale, this is only one part of a wide spectrum of clothing they have to offer.

If you’re looking to send in your unused clothes, you’ll need to request a clean-out kit which will cost you $10, but you won’t have to pay to ship your clothing. They price your clothes by running them through their system and evaluating them based on the brand, style of clothing, and time of year. You can decide to take upfront payment or list clothes on a consignment basis.

person shopping at an online consignment store

In terms of payout, the higher the value of the item you’re selling, the bigger the percentage of the cut you’ll get. You can get a payout of 5 percent of the sale price of an item listed at $15, or up to 80 percent for an item listed for $300 or higher. If you’re selling luxury items, the payout is even higher at 90 percent for items being sold for $300 or more. If you want to get an idea of how much money you can get for your items before you send them in, the site has a payout estimator that will price your items. If your items don’t sell or aren’t accepted, they get recycled, or you can have them returned for a fee.

Here are a few tips to get the most out of this online consignment store:

  • Try to ship items that are suited to the season. After all, not a lot of people will be looking for a winter coat in the middle of the summer
  • Be honest about the quality of your clothes and only send in things that are in good condition
  • Wait till you have enough clothes to sell before sending them in to justify the $10 you have to spend on the clean-out kit


Unlike a traditional consignment store, with Poshmark the task of managing the items you’ve listed falls on to your shoulders instead of the site’s. But this doesn’t mean that it’s a complicated or difficult process to manage. All you need to do is take a picture of your item, write a short description, and set a price. If you want to sell your clothes online with Poshmark, they recommend downloading their free app to simplify the process.

A great feature of Poshmark is that you’ll be able to keep a lot more of the selling price of the item than you normally would through a typical consignment store. If you’re selling an item for less than $15, you’ll only be charged a fee of $2.95. When items start to get more expensive, the site’s commission fee goes up to 20 percent.

When your item sells, Poshmark will send you a pre-paid label that you can use to send the item to the buyer, and you’ll get cash in your pocket when the item is delivered!


children in clothes purchased at an online consignment store

Not only does Kidizen help parents by providing kids’ clothing at a discount, it also provides you with a platform sell kids online and recoup some of the money you spent in the first place.

This online consignment store doesn’t function in the same way that a traditional one would. Instead of sending your items in, they give you a platform to set up your own virtual shop, take pictures of your items, and then manage their costs yourself. In this setup, the photos you take are an important part of the process. The better the quality of the photo, the more your items may appeal to potential buyers. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend all day trying to find the perfect lighting for the perfect picture. Lay your items down on a flat surface or hang them up, take a picture with your phone, and upload them with the app.

When one of your items is bought, Kidizen will send you a shipping label for you to send your items directly to the buyer. They’ll charge you 12 percent of the sale price and an extra 50 cents for each transaction. You’re also responsible for paying the cost of shipping, so you should keep that in mind when your pricing your items.

Vestiare Collective

If you have a pile of high-end items collecting dust in your closet, it might be time to turn those items into cash. Vesitaire Collective can help. They mix some of the features of a traditional consignment store with non-traditional consignment shops that allow you manage your items on your own.

designer clothes purchased at an online consignment store

 To start, you’ll need to take pictures and write descriptions for your items. You’ll then send this information to Vestiare Collective to be reviewed, and if the items are approved, they’ll list them in their marketplace. You keep the items, and when they’re sold, you’re provided with a prepaid label so you can send the items to the company. They check to make sure the items are authentic and then send them to the buyer. In terms of the site’s commission, they can take anything from 18 to 34 percent based on the value of the item. If your items go for less than $60, they’ll charge you a flat rate of $26.

You might feel the like the process of taking pictures, writing descriptions, and shipping your items is more work than you’re willing to put in. Or maybe you just don’t have the time to spare to get all of these things done. If this is the case, Vestiare Collective has a concierge service designed to take this process out of your hands. With this option, you’ll get a more traditional consignment store experience. They’ll take the pictures, write product descriptions, and store your items. They’ll even collect your items right from your door.

An online consignment store can help turn your unused clothing into cash

If you’re living on a tight budget and looking for ways to earn a little extra cash, it might be time to dive into your closet and start piling up the clothes you never wear. Instead of letting these items gather dust, go to one of the online consignment stores we’ve listed and see if you can turn these clothes into cash!

Do you have a favorite online consignment store? Share below!


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