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7 Ways for Parents to Save on Their Date Night

Posted by MoneyKey on July 22, 2019
couple on date night

Between work, kids, and the million other tasks and errands that need doing on a regular basis, it can be tough for parents to find the time in their busy schedule to spend some quality time with their significant other. And the busier you get, the harder it may seem to carve out time for a cheap date night. It’s also not cheap. If you’re living on a tight budget and trying to support a family, you may not feel like you have the money to spend on a fun outing with your partner.

Taking care of your kids and keeping your household running smoothly can be a time-consuming, expensive, and seemingly never-ending job, so how are you going to find the money and resources for a date night? 

Well, when you feel like you need to re-kindle the connection with your partner or just want to have some plain old fun, there are things you can do that may help you to cut some of the costs of a date night. Here are seven money saving tips to help you out. 

1. Look through daily deals sites

If you want to find a fun date activity but don’t want to pay full-price for a ticket, you can explore a site like Groupon for discounted tickets for all sorts of great outings. You could potentially be saving half the cost of a ticket/outing or even more on things like concerts, restaurants, theater tickets, or some interactive fun like a painting class, an escape room, or pottery class.

look for things like pottery classes on daily deals sites for your date night

Aside from the amount of money you could be saving, these sites are also a great way to discover activities that you wouldn’t have thought of on your own. You may not have even known these things were available in your area at all! For example, maybe you and your partner love wine but had no idea that there was a wine-making class offered in your neighborhood. If you find an offer that cuts the price of the class in two and is within your budget, why not go for it?

It’s important to remember that before you make a purchase, you should always read the fine print of the offer so that you’re aware of exactly what you’re buying. 

2. Use a savings app

If you want to head out for a nice dinner date with your partner, it might be a good idea to take a look through a savings app that’ll help you find deals at your favorite restaurants or find new places for you to try out! You’ll often be able to find great deals, helpful rewards programs (depending on the app), and reviews posted by other users that’ll help you make an informed decision before you buy a voucher. Again, always remember to read the fine print before buying a voucher to avoid any unwelcome surprises. 

Some great apps and sites for you to check out are:

  • Seated
  • Yelp 
  • OpenTable
  • com 


3. Try RetailMeNot

look for deals at restaurants for your cheap date night

You can also save money on restaurants for your cheap date night by using an app like RetailMeNot. While they have coupons for retailers, they’ll also have coupons for nearby restaurants. You also may be able to see if any restaurants in your area have their own app, which will typically be a way for you to get involved with their loyalty program. By signing up for their program you may receive some sort of free item along with the chance to earn more free things – like a free appetizer, entree, or drink – in the future for continuing to go to their restaurant. 

4. Use coupons

There are ways to save money on food with coupons that extend beyond grocery savings, and these can help you save on your cheap date night. If you visit the websites of your favorite restaurants, you may be able to sign up for their mailing list and receive coupons for freebies as well as news on upcoming promotions they may be having. You can also visit a place like Valpak to see what offers are going on at nearby restaurants. 

You may also be receiving coupons in the mail for restaurant deals, so have a scan through your “junk” mail before tossing it away!

5. Check social media and sign up for email lists

Like we mentioned earlier, signing up to be on the email lists of nearby restaurants is a great way to get discounts and see what upcoming deals and events are on deck, even if it does end up cluttering your inbox. Make sure you always include your birthday on these sign-up forms, as a lot of places will offer birthday freebies and discounts.

look on social media to find deals at restaurants for your cheap date night

You might also be able to find great deals and vouchers for free items at restaurants and other establishments by following them on social media. They might share information on happy hour deals or days when they offer free admission. It’s a great way to keep up with any special events that are going on at your favorite spots. 

6. Look for low-cost or free admission days

Some places like museums, art galleries, zoos, and other establishments will have a day of the week where they offer discounts on admission, or sometimes even free admission! Check in on their website, social media accounts, or go visit them in person to find out more information. This can be a great way to get out and do something fun and interesting for your cheap date night without paying normal prices.

7. Plan your cheap date night for a weeknight

You might think of the weekend as the ideal time of week to plan your cheap date night, but if you’re looking to save some money, weekdays might be your best bet. A lot places like movie theaters and restaurants will pick a day during the week to cut their prices to try to drive more business on slower nights of the week. Movie theaters are a great bet for this, as they’ll often have half price nights during a weeknight. You might even have an easier time finding a babysitter during the week, as people’s weekend evenings tend to fill up more easily than on weeknights. 

Don’t let your budget stop you from having a date night

Being a parent isn’t easy, and balancing your busy schedule with the responsibility of looking after your kids and maintaining your household can be tough. Between all of that, you might be hard-pressed to find the time and money to spend on a well-earned date night with your significant other. But with the right money saving tips and some careful planning, a cheap date night could be within your grasp! 

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for deals on sites like Groupon, sign up for mailing lists for nearby restaurants, and follow them and other establishments on social media to find out about any deals that are coming up. 

Just remember that you don’t need to spend a million bucks to have a great date night with your partner. The important thing is that you set aside some time in your busy schedule to spend some quality time with one another and make an effort to have some well-earned fun!

Do you have any tips for how to cut costs on your date night? 


Disclaimer: This article provides general information only and does not constitute financial, legal or other professional advice. For full details, see MoneyKey’s Terms of Use.


Disclaimer: This article provides general information only and does not constitute financial, legal or other professional advice. For full details, see MoneyKey's Terms of Use.

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