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About MoneyKey Online Line of Credit in Kansas

A MoneyKey online Line of Credit provides you with the benefits of a traditional loan, but allows you to have more control over your cash flow. Once approved, you can borrow any amount up to your available credit limit. When you pay down the principal balance of your Line of Credit, you can continue to access the remaining credit available up to your credit limit.

What is the Credit Limit in Kansas?

Credit limit is the amount of cash that you can access on your MoneyKey online Line of Credit. For this Line of Credit, credit limit amounts range from $200 to $1,000.

How much will my Line of Credit cost in Kansas?

Your MoneyKey Line of Credit accrues daily interest at a rate of 1.09315%. The corresponding annual percentage rate (APR) is 399%. Interest is only charged on the amount you use i.e. the outstanding principal balance. Interest is calculated based on the Daily Balance of your MoneyKey Line of Credit.

Your account will accrue a Cash Advance Fee each time you withdraw funds from your Line of Credit. This fee will be equal to fifteen percent (15%) of the amount of the withdrawal. For example, if your credit limit is $500 and you obtain a $300 advance, we will deposit $300 into your bank account and include a Cash Advance Fee of $45 on your next Periodic Statement.

How is the Daily Balance calculated?

The Daily Balance of your Line of Credit account is the daily opening balance of your account, plus any new withdrawals you make on such day, less any principal payments/credits made to your account on such day.

What is my Required Principal Payment?

The Required Principal Payment, which is included in your Minimum Payment, is a mandatory contribution towards your Outstanding Principal Balance.

If you receive your income weekly, bi-weekly or semi-monthly, your Required Principal Payment as shown on your periodic statement will be 5% of your Outstanding Principal Balance as of the close of each billing cycle.

If you receive your income monthly, your Required Principal Payment as shown on your periodic statement will be 10% of your Outstanding Principal Balance as of the close of each billing cycle.

If you only make your Minimum Payment, have no Amount Past Due, and do not make any additional draws between now and your Due Date, your Outstanding Principal Balance will be reduced by 5% or 10%, depending on your income frequency. 

What is my Minimum Payment?

Your Minimum Payment is the minimum amount due in each Billing Cycle. Your Minimum Payment will consist of

  1. Fees accrued during each billing cycle (includes the Cash Advance Fee plus any fees as applicable);
  2. Interest accrued during each billing cycle; and
  3. Your Required Principal Payment

Moneykey encourages you to make additional payments over and above your Minimum Payment to reduce your principal balancing owing, increase your available credit and decrease your interest charges.

Are there any additional charges for the online Line of Credit in Kansas?

No. There are no additional charges for online Line of Credit beyond what has been disclosed here.

Can I cancel my Line of Credit?

You can rescind your Line of Credit at no cost within three (3) business days of the effective date of your initial draw by phone at 1-866-255-1668 or via email at If you do rescind your Line of Credit, you will be responsible for returning the entire principal balance back to us. If you do not return the entire principal balance to us, your Line of Credit will remain in full force and effect and you will accrue fees and interest on such outstanding principal balance.

Who funds the Line of Credit in Kansas?

All Lines of Credit are funded by MoneyKey-KS, Inc., a licensed Supervised Lender by the State of Kansas Office of the State Bank Commissioner, Consumer and Mortgage Lending Division.

The Line of Credit will be governed by the applicable laws of the State of Kansas.

I have a few more questions about the Line of Credit in Kansas.

For additional questions, or if you would like to learn more about the MoneyKey online Line of Credit, please call our Customer Care team at 1-866-255-1668, email us at or check out the frequently asked questions (FAQs) for this product.

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