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Financial Articles

Find articles on personal finance and tips to budget effectively.

Short on Cash?

Online Payday Loans

Online payday advances are short-term, small-dollar personal loans that are paid back on your next pay date.

The Foundations of Personal Finance

Learn more about the foundations of personal finance.

15 Keys to Successfully Managing Personal Finances

Learn more about some of the most important keys to personal finance management.

Effective Strategies to Manage Debt

Learn more about these strategies to help you effectively manage your debt and work towards a debt-free lifestyle.

A Guide to the Envelope Budget System

Learn more about the envelope budget system, how it works, and decide for yourself whether or not it’s right for you!

How to Put Together a Plan to Eliminate Debt

This guide takes a look at how to put together a plan to eliminate debt.

What is a Budgeting App?

Learn more about the key features of budgeting apps.

What to Look Out for on Personal Loan Contracts

Learn more about some of the key facets that make up a personal loan contract, what these terms mean, and what to keep an eye out for.

Can I Get Help Paying my Utility Bills?

We look at different ways to get help paying utility bills, what steps to take to apply for assistance programs, and give some tips to help with financial management!

How to Impact Your Chances of Qualifying for a Personal Loan

Learn more about some of the factors involved in qualifying for a personal loan and what you may be able to do to potentially impact your chances of qualifying.

15 Things That May Be Harming Your Credit Score

Learn more about some of the biggest factors that could be impacting your credit score.

Differences Between Short Term and Long Term Loans

Breaking down the details of long- and short-term loans.

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