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Affordable Halloween Tips

 Published on October 6, 2016

Boo! Halloween season is in full swing and we’re back with some terrifyingly good tips to help you scare and save. It’s no secret that Halloween can be an expensive season. Next to Christmas, it might be one of the priciest so we’ve compiled a list of budget saving ideas to keep costs down without having to sacrifice a good scare. Take a look:

DIY Decorations:

There are plenty of places to start looking for Halloween decorations that won’t break the bank. For example, you can head to your nearest grocery store to pick up some pumpkins and research some interesting ways to carve them up.

Also, heading to the dollar store for some affordable options such as cobwebs, scary toys and even orange light bulbs can be a great idea. Though you may not be spending as much as the next person, a little creativity and time and you can have the creepiest house of all!

DIY Costume:

Halloween is a great time to rummage through your old clothing and pick through some forgotten gems. Head to the dollar store to grab some funky paints or even some vampire fangs. Pick a few characters, perhaps from a movie or your favorite book and see if you’ve got some similar items hiding in the bottom of your closet. The thrift store is also a great alternative to help you put together the perfect affordable costume. Even if none of these ideas are appealing to you, throw on a costume from a few previous haunts and save big!

Trick or treat:

Tired of spending a heap on expensive bags of sweets? Head to the dollar store for some instant savings. You can also try to make some candy of your own, though this may be labor intensive, the savings will go a long way. Try buying in bulk as well by heading to your nearest warehouse store like Costco and save. Try a different route – stickers, pencils or toys can be a fun and an even more affordable choice to candy.

Don’t fret there are still ways to save and still be in the spirit of the season. Try some of the tips above and make the most of your Halloween.

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