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Category: Lifestyle

July 16, 2021

5 Creative and Cheap Wedding Gift Ideas on a Budget

When wedding season starts to heat up and it feels like you’re celebrating the union of a different couple every […]

June 18, 2021

12 Simple Ways To Save Money On Your Monthly Utility Bills

Whether sent through snail mail or via an email attachment, the utility bills you receive every month are a thorn in your side.

January 29, 2021

How to Lower Your Cell Phone Bill

Would it be easy for a lot of people to cut the cord on their landline phone? Probably. Could those […]

November 13, 2020

Budgeting for Happiness: Is it Possible?

Let’s play a game of word association. If we say “budget”, do the words “uh oh” come to mind? If […]

November 20, 2019

A Simple Zero-Based Budget Can Help You Save More Money

If you want to make some changes to your spending habits and potentially boost your savings, consider giving the zero-based […]

August 22, 2019

7 Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of Local Farmers’ Markets

When the summer months start to roll in, farmers markets start to pop up in communities all over the country. […]

August 1, 2019

5 of the Best Items to Flip to Make a Profit

Whether you’re browsing through the racks in a thrift store or rummaging through a pile of discarded clothes at a […]

June 19, 2019

5 Steps to Start Saving for a Car

The process of saving money might sound easy enough: just spend less money than you bring in every month, and […]

June 10, 2019

7 Summer Jobs for College Students

The sense of relief you feel when you finally close the books on a year of your college career can […]

June 8, 2019

9 Things You May Need to Know as a New College Grad

You may be wrapping up a long college career, but your days of learning are far from over. As you […]

May 23, 2019

5 Ways to Invest in Yourself

If you’re looking to grow your wealth, there are a number of things people will advise you to invest your […]

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