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Winterization is the process of preparing for winter. When it comes to your home, winterizing is especially important to mitigate the adverse effects winter can have on your place of residence and the costs associated with those effects. If you’re like many Americans, you were probably unimpressed with your electricity bill over the holidays. With… Read More 9 Ways to Winterize and Improve Energy Efficiency

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Happy New Year! If you made some financial mistakes last year, don’t worry, now is a great time to reflect and think of some realistic resolutions to have a successful year this time around. Recognize bad habits Before you start rattling off a list of things you want to accomplish this year or resolutions you hope… Read More New Year, New Budget? Creating Realistic Financial Resolutions

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If you’re still a student, then your financial situation is different than that of someone starting off their career. For now, there is no real opportunity to start saving your money unless you’re a ‘Mark Zuckerberg 2.0’ who is on the brink of releasing a Fortune 500 social media company. Knowing how to properly manage… Read More Managing Your Finances as a College Student

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It’s that time of year yet again where most retailers make about 70 percent of their annual earnings. During the same period, the average American will accumulate nearly $1,000 in additional debt. To keep your finances under control this holiday season, we recommend avoiding these common financial mistakes: Not setting (and sticking to) a budgetRead More Common Financial Mistakes to Avoid this Holiday Season

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13 Tips for Inexpensive and Healthy Lunches The colder months can lead to eating more and exercising less, so now is a great time to assess your meal preparation and eating habits. Nutritious, budget-friendly meals are easier to make than you think. To prove it, we’ve compiled some easy tips on how to save money and time by… Read More How to Prepare a Cheap and Healthy Lunch

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If you don’t currently have a budget, don’t worry because you’re not alone as only one in three Americans prepare a detailed household budget. Technological advances in financial services such as online banking have made it easier to track your money coming and going; so many people may feel it isn’t necessary to set a… Read More 3 Reasons Why a Budget can Change Your Life

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When it comes to your finances if you knew better, you’d do better, right? If you feel like your money is disappearing and can’t figure out why it’s probably because you’re not paying attention. Interest, fees, and mindless spending are usually to blame. Doing a quick self-assessment and making small changes to your spending habits… Read More 3 Ways to Stop Spending Money and Start Saving Instead

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The start of a new year is a great time to get your finances in order. It’s not always easy, but it sure is worth it. We hope these 5 tips will help you reach your financial goals. Stay on top of things Make 2017 the year to manage your debts. Credit cards? Mortgage? Student… Read More Financial Resolutions

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Stretch Your Payday Further A major reason why we often face the payday cash crunch is because we incur expenditures our budgets don’t cater for. Learn to be more frugal and eliminate unnecessary expenses by following the tips explained below. Impulsive Spending Ruins Your Payday Do you remember grabbing the pack of halls, candies, or a… Read More On Payday Avoid These 5 Unnecessary Expenses

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New Year’s Eve is all about celebration. Celebrating all the positives that have happened this year and looking forward to all the opportunities next year may present. However, it can also be incredibly expensive as costs for certain events and restaurants skyrocket. Don’t blow all of your money before 2016 starts, instead try one of… Read More Budget New Year’s Eve: Celebrate without the Expense