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4 Tips to Help You Live Well on a Tight Budget

 Published on May 7, 2019

Balancing all of life’s essential expenses can be a challenge when you’re living paycheck to paycheck. Between rent, utilities, groceries, and everything in between, you may not feel like there’s much room left to enjoy some of life’s basic comforts when you’re living on a tight budget.

Sure, you’ll cook for the family, but how can good can it turn out when all the produce you buy is discounted and on its last legs? Maybe you walk to work, but can you really stay in great shape when you can’t fit a gym membership into your budget? And forget about travel, dating, or expensive entertainment. Who has the time or money for these things when they have to worry about keeping everything else afloat?

The truth is, you don’t have to give up all the good things in life when you’re living on a tight budget. There are ways to make even the most fundamental parts of life more enjoyable, and even make time for things you thought were out of your reach. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can start living well on a tight budget.

Nutrition: Cook with what’s in season

It’s easy to feel like your grocery list is at the mercy of your finances when you’re living on a tight budget. How can you buy the best and freshest ingredients when you’re living paycheck to paycheck?

If your goal is to keep your fridge stocked with healthy, fresh produce, but stay within the confines of your food budget, you’re going to have to do a little research and keep your grocery list flexible.

The key is to make sure the produce you’re buying is in season. It would be great if your favorite vegetables were always at their freshest and reasonably priced, but this typically isn’t the case. While you may be able to get your hands on most produce at any point in the year, it will likely cost more and won’t be as fresh.

In-season produce is a cheaper food option

To get an idea of what’s in season, start by going to the nearest farmer’s market. There, you can speak with the farmers to get their advice, and you can have a look around to see what’s being offered and complies with your budget.

If you’re looking for ways to save money on a tight budget, you’ll need to pay attention to the timing of your trip to the market. Farmers generally want to rid themselves of as much of their product by day’s end as possible, so they’ll often drop their prices significantly and even bundle items together. This is what you should be looking out for if you’re on a tight budget. Get as much of this produce as you can and freeze what you don’t think you’ll manage to eat that week. While you may not have your pick of every vegetable under the sun, you can be sure that you’ll be getting fresh, local produce at a great price.

Fitness: The great outdoors

When you have rent, bills, and groceries to worry about, it’s hard to find space in your tight budget for a pricey gym membership. But sometimes the most effective setting for exercise is the waiting just outside your door. If you take advantage of the nature surrounding you, you can get a great workout in for free!

running is a great form of exercise when on a tight budget

If you’re near a playground or park, you can recreate plenty of gym exercises by getting a little creative. For example, if you love the burn you feel from the stair-climber at the gym, head outside and find staircase to recreate the same feeling. If you love cardio, find a local track or a scenic bike trail. Look for a pull up bar at a park or on the beach if you’re more interested in strength training. You can even use free fitness apps to help organize and guide your workouts.

If you feel like you don’t have the time for an entire outdoor workout, that doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to incorporate some exercise into your daily routine. Try biking to work if it’s within a reasonable distance, or use your lunch hour to go for a long walk. The key is to get creative and do your best to find small ways to get some exercise in without adding any stress to your day. You don’t need a gym to stay in shape.

Travel: Staycations

It’s one thing to find ways to eat better or incorporate a little exercise into your routine when you’re on a tight budget, it’s another to go on a full-fledged vacation. This can often mean pricey airfare, accommodations, money for excursions, and any other travel expense involved. Luckily, there are ways to cut some of these expenses out and still have a relaxing break from your normal routine.

A staycation is a budget alternative to a vacation

Taking a “staycation” is a great way to enjoy a vacation without breaking the bank. Start by thinking about what visitors do when they travel to your part of the country and put together a list of fun activities. They may not all be completely free, but you’ll be cutting out a lot of your normal travel expenses by staying home.

If you love to get out into nature and interact with your surroundings, look for a popular hike, trail, or any outdoor landscape that you’ve never explored. Find a picturesque area to have a picnic in, or head to a nearby beach if the weather is nice. You may even want to consider finding a hotel to get out of the house and feel like you’re on a traditional vacation (if it fits in your budget). Whatever you end up doing, there are ways to make time for some much-needed rest and relaxation even when you’re on a tight budget.

Dating: Home spa day

If you’ve got a significant other, it can be tough to find the money and time to enjoy a special day with them when you’re living on a tight budget. An expensive dinner outing may be outside of the budget, and a day at the spa would be far beyond your means.

As relaxing as a spa day would be, it doesn’t normally come cheap. But this doesn’t have to mean it’s completely out of your reach. You can recreate the spa experience at your own home if you have the right supplies and for much less than you’d be spending at an upscale spa.

essential oils for a spa day on a budget

Start by sprinkling in some soothing bubble bath into the tub, light a few candles, put some music on, and get ready to relax. Once your done, keep the spa day moving by treating your partner to a massage with some with some soothing oil. You can continue the massage experience by getting a plastic tub or roasting tray and letting your feet soak in a warm Epsom salt bath.

To complete the day, have some single-use face masks ready. You can get these for only a few dollars at the grocery store or pharmacy or find look for some inexpensive mud masks. Sit back, relax, and experience a soothing day at the spa without leaving the house.

Don’t let a tight budget stop you from enjoying your life

You may feel like your life is being controlled by your budget and you don’t have the resources to make the most of your everyday experiences. But if you take a close look, you may be able to find ways to improve different areas of your life even on a tight budget. Consider the suggestions we’ve made and be proactive; life’s basic comforts may not be out of your reach when you’re living on a tight budget.

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