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Top Five Re-gifting Rules

 Published on December 14, 2015

With the holiday season fast approaching there is always the same question, can I re-gift this? Since the recession re-gifting has become socially acceptable and can really stretch a holiday budget. While re-gifting is now considered acceptable, it is also important to follow certain rules and etiquette. Here are the top five re-gifting rules.

Brand New

Only gifts that are brand new should be re-gifted. This means nothing opened, played with, worn, missing tags/pieces or that has sat in your closet for over a three months.

Even if they are brand new these kinds of gifts should never be re-gifted:

  • Handmade presents
  • Personalized items (engraved or monogrammed)
  • Food

Keep Track

If you are going to re-gift you must keep track of who gave you what. An easy way to do this is to put a sticky note of the giver’s name on the gift.

Circle of Friends

Always remember who knows who. You should never re-gift a present to anyone that has a mutual connection to the original gift giver. An example of proper re-gifting would be giving a gift from your mother-in-law to a co-worker.


In order to make a re-gift a thoughtful one, take the time to re-wrap and include a hand written card. This will also give you the opportunity to check for tags or notes from the original gift giver.

Wanted Gifts

If you don’t like something, but you know a friend will love it then it’s a perfect scenario, but you should never re-gift anything just to get rid of it. If you cannot think of anyone who would want your gift and you don’t either, donate it to charity. If you’re trying to re-gift just to save money try one of these Thoughtful DIY Holiday Gifts instead. Always keep in mind giving a gift is supposed to be a reflection of how much you appreciate someone.

Re-gifting is perfectly acceptable if you re-gift presents that suit the recipient and always stay mindful of the original gift givers feelings. Follow these five re-gifting and you’ll be able to re-gift tastefully this holiday season. At MoneyKey, we are proud to be your resource for education on budgeting and financial wellness as well as education on online payday loans, installment loans online, and other online loan options.

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