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Eat Healthy and Save Money

 Published on June 8, 2015

Healthy eating and saving money, two concepts that generally don’t go together, but is possible if you use these tips to eat healthy on a limited budget.

Tips to Save Money at the Grocery Store

  • Always go to the grocery store with a list
  • Never shop hungry or with children as this will increase the probability of unneeded junk food ending up in your cart
  • When shopping, stick to the outside aisles. This is where the healthier, fresher food is and by not going down the center aisles you’ll eliminate the temptation to add extra items

 Meal Prep                                                                       

  • Plan your meals around weekly coupon deals which you can find in your local newspaper or by downloading various smart phone apps like Grocery Pal and Grocery IQ
  • Cook meals in bulk and save leftovers for lunches
  • Stop buying prepackaged snacks. Companies charge a premium to portion and package the food for you. Instead start buying in bulk and packaging it yourself
  • Look for local Farmer’s Markets or Co-op Community Gardens where prices are generally more reasonable

Low Cost Healthy Foods

  • Protein:
    • Canned beans are a great low cost source of protein
    • Eggs have protein and lots of nutrients for a reasonable price
    • Buying cheaper cut of meats will really stretch your budget
    • Supplement protein needs with whey protein. It is a great inexpensive meat alternative
  • Carbohydrates:
    • Oats are a cheap and easy breakfast
    • Brown rice is healthier and less expensive than quick cook white rice
    • Sweet potatoes are full of nutrients and filling healthy carbs without being extremely expensive
  • Fruits and vegetables:
    • Buy in season fruit and vegetables, they much more fresh and usually cheaper
    • Frozen fruits and vegetables are less expensive and can be just as nutritious as long as you make sure to read the labels for any added unhealthy preservatives

Extra Tips

If you follow these tips, you’ll see it is possible to eat healthy and save money. At MoneyKey, we believe in budgeting. We are your resource for education on online installment loans, short term personal loans, and other legitimate online loans.


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