5 Apps That Save Money Fast

Saving money doesn’t have to be difficult. Finding little ways, here and there, to save can quickly turn into significant monthly savings. While your smartphone is an expense, it can also be used as a source for savings. You can save time and money by downloading these five apps.

Save Money at the Pump with GasBuddy

Gas can get expensive and finding the “best deal” by driving to different stations isn’t really effective. To actually save money at the pump use GasBuddy. This easy to use app tells you where around you the cheapest gas prices are. For extra value, earn points by engaging with their app. Once you earn 1,000 points you can enter into various draws to win pre-paid gas cards.

Find Free WiFi with WiFi-Finder

Save money by never paying cellphone data overage charges again. When you are out and need to connect to the internet, use WiFi-Finder to quickly locate where there is free WiFi around you so you don’t need to use your data.

Manage your Finances with Mint

Have trouble sticking to a budget? Need to save money fast? If so, Mint is the app for you. This free platform stores and tracks all your financial information in one secure online location. Mint will make notes on your spending habits to help you develop a better money budget. It will also send you reminders when bills are coming due and alerts if you’re running low on cash.

Save on Shopping with Shopkick

Shopkick is like online shopping, but with better deals, savings, and rewards. Browse through the app for money saving deals to brand-name stores like Target and JC Penny. As you shop you earn points, but you can even earn points just for visiting a store’s retail location. All these points then transfer into gift cards.

Get Free Stuff for Watching TV with Viggle

Are you a TV junkie? This app will give you free stuff just for watching the TV shows you already do. When watching a TV show, check in on the app and earn points that can be redeemed at stores like Starbucks. You can also earn extra points by playing Viggle TV trivia games.

There are all kinds of money saving out there, just make sure to look for apps that are free to download and always read the fine print in case there are extra fees. If you know of any other great money saving apps, tell us by leaving a comment below.

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